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Parents Choose Komodo to Build a Foundation for Success in K-5 Math and Beyond


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Are your kids struggling with the basics of Math? Award winning online education company Komodo has developed a supplemental math learning system that helps children reach their true potential in math. The program, which has been designed for after-school family use, helps develop math fact fluency and confidence through personalized practice that is assigned by a qualified math teacher.


Math has long presented difficulty for many young learners, but with parents increasingly aware of its importance as a gateway to STEM career opportunities, many are turning to supplemental learning providers to help their children master key K-5 math skills. The importance of K-5 math has also been highlighted in an academic study that concludes early math skills have the strongest link to success in high school as well as later on in the labor market.¹


Komodo’s founder and CEO, ex-math teacher Gerard McBreen says: “Komodo stands out from established supplemental learning centers by making effective, math teacher guided learning available to ordinary families in a way that is both effective, rewarding and economical. I’m proud that our customers come from a broad range of economic backgrounds – by only charging $10 per month most families can benefit.”


The Komodo math program is delivered online and is compatible with all devices – iPads, android tablets, smartphones, macs and PCs. The Komodo team, which includes math teachers and parents, designed the program specially for use at home, ensuring that effective learning, motivation and fun were built into the experience. Importantly, they say, Komodo doesn’t keep learners at the screen for long periods, recommending that children use the program for short 15 minute sessions, five times per week.


Gerard McBreen says: “Cognitive science research 2 suggests that developing a solid foundation of fast and accurate math skills takes the load off working memory and makes problem solving easier. It doesn’t stop there – math fact fluency is a great confidence boost for struggling learners who are doubting their ability.”


One “Komodo mom” named Kathy, said: “A few short weeks ago our clever, funny six year old son came home upset. Some children had been calling him ‘dumb’ at math. We enrolled him in Komodo to help his confidence and he loves it! He no longer thinks he is ‘dumb’ at math and came home from school as ‘star of the week’ for huge effort and improvement in math! Thank you….you have made a difference to the happiness of a little boy!”.


Komodo also provides ways to motivate young learners including a reward center where children can earn real rewards from parents in exchange for effort. The system also encourages the wider family to join as ‘supporters’ and encourage the learner. Komodo uses playful, bright design to engage its young users. Five year old Marianna said: “It is like playing a game. I like the animation and the stars I get when I get questions right”.


Komodo recently beat notable education company Pearson to win the British Educational Technology (BETT) Award for best home / family learning product, and has helped more than 6,000 children learn math since its launch. The company has also announced a new US focus which brings learning firmly in line with the US K-5 curriculum.


Gerard McBreen said: “Parents are often unaware that their child’s math ability isn’t predetermined. Children don’t have to resign themselves to being bad at math – anyone can improve and even go on to excel in the subject provided the foundations are strong enough. At Komodo we have created a program that enables parents to build these foundations effectively in a way that kids love.”


The company offers parents a two week trial subscription to their child’s custom designed curiculum completely free of charge, which can be accessed by visiting komodomath.com


About Komodo:
Komodo is a fun and effective way to boost K-5 math skills. Designed for 5 to 11 year olds to use in the home, Komodo uses a “little and often” approach to learning math (15 minutes, three to five times per week) that fits into a busy routine. Komodo helps users develop fluency and confidence in math – without keeping them at the screen for long. Komodo won the British Educational Technology (BETT) Award for best home / family learning product in 2017.

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