Christina Tosi: November 13, 2018


Renowned Chef and Milk Bar Founder Christina Tosi Offers Her Favorite Dessert Recipes and Coffee Pairings that Will Wow Your Guests 



James Beard Award-winning chef, founder and owner of beloved dessert and bakery chain, Milk Bar

There’s nothing more satisfying than that first cup of coffee in the morning. When the holidays roll around, we need that morning jolt even more than usual, especially when planning a big family meal. Hosting a gathering at home means a lot of planning will go into the menu, from entrée and sides to drink pairings.

While you’re debating which sides will pair best with the turkey, and choosing which stuffing recipe to try this year, don’t forget about the dessert course! The end to a perfect holiday meal is a delicious, seasonal dessert paired with a hot cup of coffee to warm you up on a chilly day. If baking isn’t your strong suit, you may be tempted to tell guests to bring the dessert. This year, you’ll have a little help from one of the country’s most successful bakers!

On November 13, renowned dessert chef and Milk Bar Founder Christina Tosi will be available for interviews. In this segment, Christina will share her favorite holiday dessert and coffee pairings and offer tips on how to recreate these dessert menu ideas at home.

In this segment, Christina will share:

  • How to easily create a unique coffee and dessert pairing guide
  • Her favorite recipes for original, Milk Bar inspired holiday desserts that families can make right at home
  • Her expert tips on how to pair any dessert with the perfect cup of coffee, based on dessert flavor profiles (sweet, salty, savory) and tasting notes for Folgers’ wide variety of delicious coffee roasts



More About Christina Tosi:
Christina Tosi is the two-time James Beard Award-winning chef and owner of Milk Bar. Known for baking outside of the lines and turning dessert on its head, Christina founded Milk Bar in 2008, with locations now in New York City, Toronto, Washington DC, Las Vegas, with a Los Angeles location coming soon. Christina has been a judge on Fox’s MasterChef series, and was featured on the hit Netflix docu-series, Chef’s Table: Pastry. She is also the author of two additional cookbooks, Momofuku Milk Bar (2011) and Milk Bar Life (2015), and is set to release her third cookbook, Milk Bar: All About Cake, in October 2018.

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