Sonia Kashuk & Rebecca Nellis: December 4, 2018

New Data Show Workplace Challenges Exist After a Cancer Diagnosis
Annual Survey Sheds Light on Experience of Cancer Patients and Survivors at Work


Cancer Survivor and Founder, Sonia Kashuk Beauty

Executive Director, Cancer and Careers



According to the CDC, the number of cancer patients and survivors will reach almost 18 million in the next decade, and almost half will be diagnosed at a working age. The ability to manage employment after a cancer diagnosis can be complex, which means working people with cancer need support to balance work and health demands. Despite the challenges that people with cancer face in the workplace, a new survey reveals that more a majority of cancer patients and survivors (69%) feel that work aids in their treatment and recovery.The survey also shows that many cancer patients and survivors continued to work during and after treatment for financial reasons (66%) and because they need health insurance (40%). The survey was conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Cancer and Careers, the only national non-profit dedicated solely to serving the growing population of people working during and after cancer treatment.

On Tuesday, December 4, Sonia Kashuk and Rebecca Nellis will be available for live interviews to discuss the challenges cancer patients and survivors face while working or looking for work during or after treatment, and tips on how to navigate workplace conversations. Kashuk and Nellis will also discuss how to better address the needs of patients and survivors in the workplace.

Cancer and Careers is the only U.S. organization dedicated solely to serving the growing population of people working during and after cancer treatment. For more information, please visit


About the Survey

Cancer and Careers commissioned The Harris Poll to conduct a survey to better understand the experience of cancer patients and survivors within the workplace, diagnosis disclosure and its impact in the workplace, online behaviors of cancer patients and survivors, and attitudes toward health insurance and potential policy changes. A total of 882 respondents participated in the research. Respondents were 18 years of age or older, living in the US, diagnosed with cancer, and either currently employed (800 respondents) or unemployed but currently looking for work (82 respondents). Interviews were conducted online between September 21, 2018 – October 22, 2018. The data were weighted to targets from the Centers of Disease Control’s 2016 National Health Interview Survey data for the US age 18+ population who have been diagnosed with cancer and are either employed or not employed but looking for work.


More about Sonia Kashuk and Rebecca Nellis:

Sonia Kashuk, a breast cancer survivor, is an award-winning makeup artist and the Founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty. She is also a member of the Cancer and Careers Board of Governors.

Rebecca Nellis, MPP is the Executive Director for Cancer and Careers. As an expert on cancer workplace issues, she travels the country speaking at national cancer conferences, leading hospitals and community events–more than 100 presentations to-date about the intersection of life, work and cancer.

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