Alia Dalal: November 20, 2019


Health and wellness chef shares kitchen hacks that will keep guests (and your waistline) happy this holiday season


Health and Wellness Chef

Holiday meals are decadent, rich, delicious and plentiful – but they’re not always good for you. Eating healthy can be difficult to do around the holidays, but there are ways that you can incorporate healthy choices into your meals this season. But how do you keep your holiday menu traditional yet guilt-free? Health and wellness chef Alia Dalal is here to help!

She will share her favorite healthy kitchen hacks that will make preparing dishes easier and more nutritious, while still preserving the holiday favorites that you and your family love.

In this segment, Alia will expand on the following tips:

·         Use fresh, seasonal ingredients: the best fruits and veggies to cook with this time of year.

·         Better-for-you sauces: how to tweak ingredients to lighten up our favorite sauce and gravy.

·         Sneak in healthy ingredients: whether you add kale and shaved brussel sprouts to the salad or put crudité on the charcuterie board, try to incorporate raw vegetables into sides and appetizers.

·         Look local: some of the best produce can be found at local farmers markets well into November.

·         Take inventory: Be sure to have your knives sharpened and take stock of your kitchen gadgets. Items like a food processor, blender and stand mixer can save you prep time in the kitchen.

More About Alia Dalal:

Alia Dalal is a health and wellness chef who loves to entertain. She’s hustled in Michelin-starred restaurants, prepared meals for movie stars and was named Healthy Cook of the Year in 2010 by Cooking Light magazine. She is professionally trained in health-supportive cooking and attended the Natural Gourmet Institute of Health and Culinary Arts in New York City.

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