A Convenient Death: Goodman & Halper



The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein




A fresh, new look at the death that shocked the world — inside the prison where Jeffrey Epstein mysteriously died as he awaited sex crime charges.



·        Exclusive interviews with former MCC prison guards and chief psychologist who cast doubt on the official suicide story

·        Exclusive interview with Epstein’s brother Mark, his only immediate living relative, and his surprising revelations

·        A run-down of Epstein’s final days that raise further questions about his death—including exclusive interviews with his friend and lawyer Doug Schoen, revealing the high-stakes legal strategy meeting that Epstein convened just hours before his alleged suicide

A never-before reported look at the Epstein-Clinton connection with new and damning information about the former President’s conduct and the juicy secrets the Clintons wanted Epstein to take to his grave. 


·        New information about Epstein’s access to Bill Clinton in the White House

·        What Clinton told Epstein about his affair with Monica Lewinsky

·        A major rock legend’s dirty invitation to the former President and Epstein

·        Clinton’s bombshell adultery scandal at the center of the Epstein saga


New insights and revelations into the scope of Epstein’s crimes and misconduct.


·        Creepy new details about his pursuit of underage girls, including the disturbing image he kept in his home and why he was kicked out of a beauty pageant connected to Trump

·        Exclusive interviews with Epstein’s former longtime attorney Alan Dershowitz

·        Exclusive interview with victims’ attorney Gloria Allred

·        Extensive reporting on court records, police investigatory materials, video footage, medical documents and other information providing new insight into Epstein’s underage sex trafficking operation

·        New insights into Epstein’s own tortured sexuality

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