Alex Brill: December, 2012

Alex Brill

AEI Research Fellow & Former Chief Economist, House Ways & Means Committee

Fiscal Cliff Explained

by AEI Economists Alex Brill

As the ‘Fiscal cliff’ negotiations are heating up, on the Hill and in the opinion pages of newspapers across the US, the question remains at the moment is, can a solution be reached, or will Congress continue to kick the problem down the road?
American Enterprise Institute (AEI) scholar Alex Brill discusses tax policy, entitlement reform, and other potential solutions to put the country back on the path of fiscal responsibility.  Alex has written extensively on these issues, highlighting problems in the current system and demonstrating the need for reform.
Fact is, our country voted for a bigger and more expensive form of government and now lawmakers are faced with the challenge of figuring out how we (and are descendents) are going to pay for it

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