Alia Dudum: November 28, 2019






Millennial Money Expert


When you turn 72 years old, it’s possible you would have spent nearly 3.5 million minutes on social media. If that isn’t enough to scare you, consider what “mindlessly” scrolling through Instagram is doing to your wallet. With the increase of Instagram ads and data collection that is causing our most recent shopping searches to show up everywhere we scroll, it’s no doubt that social media is making us spend more. It becomes even easier when it only takes one click to save your credit card information and make a purchase, setting you up for the next quick spend.


According to a recent survey by LendingClub, America’s largest online marketplace connecting borrowers and investors, one in four millennials falls victim to that kind of behavior; it’s called YOLO spending. But, it’s time to take control of your short and long-term finances, especially as the holiday sales begin to creep in. Millennial Money Expert Alia Dudum will break down social media and the influence it has on our wallets. She will also share her top tips to avoiding YOLO spending this upcoming season.


Some of Alia’s tips will include:

  • STICK TO A BUDGET: 43% of millennials think creating and maintaining a budget is too much work, but not having one is one of the biggest financial mistakes. They can be as simple and realistic as you need or longer term. Plus, a budget will help you from spending due to Instagram pressure.
  • REFRAIN FROM IMPLUSE: Before you click-to-buy take a breath and remind yourself of your priorities. Add the item to your cart but wait at least 72 hours before pulling the “checkout” trigger.
  • HAVE A SAVINGS BUDDY: Grab a friend and hold each other accountable. It’s easier with a group and you can celebrate your financial milestones with inexpensive or free activities. 
  • DELETE THOSE APPS! Consider a tech cleanse to help eliminate the temptation and ease of one-click-shopping. Don’t forget to turn off shopping on any of your smart speakers!
  • REFRAME YOLO THINKING: Turn your YOLO thinking on its head and make it work for your financial health. Instead of the small things you want right now, think about what you want for your future.
  • DON’T INCREASE YOUR DEBT LOAD: Believe it or not, millions of Americans are still trying to pay off holiday impulse purchases from 2018. Shoppers often open low-interest rewards cards for one-time large purchases that they simply can’t pay off in a timely manner, leading to declining credit scores and worse.



Alia Dudum is a millennial money expert. She’s living the American Dream by becoming a homeowner in San Francisco in her 20s. She has a dream to empower other millennials to get out of debt and take control of their financial life. She has gained her financial chops by working at financial establishments like LendingClub, Personal Capital, Simple, Quicken, and PayPal to name a few.




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