Alia Dudum: November 9, 2018


Learn Why the Holiday Season is the Right Time to Have a Frank Discussion About Finances, and How to Start the Conversation



Millennial Money Expert

There’s an unwritten rule that when you’re gathered around the Thanksgiving table and you want to keep the peace, politics are off limits. But what about discussing financial matters?  Money is an important topic, though many people aren’t that comfortable talking about it. However, Thanksgiving may actually be the perfect time to broach the subject with members of your family.

In this satellite interview, money expert Alia Dudum will discuss ways to tactfully bring up finances during a Thanksgiving –or any other–celebration. She’ll also offer tips to help reign in your finances this holiday season. In this segment, she will expand on the following:

  • DEBT: The importance of paying down high-interest debt, and the effect on your credit
  • HOLIDAY BUDGET: Agree on a budget as a family; focus on experiences vs gifts
  • END-OF-YEAR GOAL: Set personal finance goals and share your resolutions with family members
  • PERSONAL LOANS: When and why to consider taking out a loan




Alia Dudum is a millennial money expert. She’s living the American Dream by become a homeowner in San Francisco in her 20s. She has a dream to empower other millennials to get out of debt and take control of their financial life. She has gained her financial chops by working at financial establishments like LendingClub, Personal Capital, Simple,  Quicken, and PayPal to name a few.

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