Alton Glass: June 16, 2017


“A Little Love”, a virtual reality film from Award-Winning Director and Producer, Alton Glass debuts on June 17th at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) being held in Miami.


Alton Glass

Filmmaker of “A Little Love”


Alton Glass is one of a handful of film directors and producers, delving in new ways to take virtual reality technology beyond animation to tell real-life stories in television and film.  “A Little Love,” his first film, has already garnered much acclaim, earning him an invitation to Facebook’s exclusive Oculus Launch Pad.  His work is currently powered by Samsung. Alton will lead a team of producers and directors in discussing the use of virtual reality in film, television and advertising at the ABFF. 


More About Alton Glass:

Alton Glass is a Filmmaker who hails from Detroit by way of Atlanta. When he arrived in LA to pursue his dream, his first job was a janitor. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, he decided to start his own janitorial service. He then parlayed himself a job on a Dream Works movie cleaning up the sets. Alton quickly established a rapport with the line-producer and landed a job as a camera intern on his days off. He seamlessly transitioned into “shadowing” classic Hollywood director, Michael Schultz.

Although he was working with an established professional, Alton decided to further his technical education at Hollywood CPR film school and later join the IATSE Local 600 Cinematographers Guild. After completion of the program under his belt, he was ready to step out on faith…He raised money to write, direct and produce his first independent feature “Candy Shop” featuring Omar Gooding and Guillermo Diaz. Now a first time writer-director, his focus was perfecting his craft, which led to more writing opportunities. In 2008, he was hired to write the award winning gritty drama “The Mannsfield 12” and received the highly coveted $20,000 Best Screenplay Award at the American Black Film festival. During the festival he was tapped to write and direct his follow up with the sexy thriller, “The Confidant,” starring Boris Kodjoe, David Banner, and Richard Roundtree, which aired on SHOWTIME Networks.

His next goal was learning the business so he shifted his focus to producing television projects while learning filmdistribution. Armed with creative and business skills, Glass decided to independently fund what he calls his“catalogue” project “CRU”, which was picked up by NETFLIX and BET Networks. The CRU has turned out to be one of his top celebrated indie films, which was praised by critics and was a big winner at the film festivals garnering over $50,000 in Filmmaker Awards. The film broke a record at the 2014 American Black Film Festival for winning the most awards in the 18-year history of the Grand Jury Awards: Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Narrative Feature Film, Audience Awards and Best Actor. In addition, the success of CRU opened the door for Alton to produce and direct “Second Chance Christmas” for TVONE Networks in collaboration with WALMART. The family friendly film received stellar ratings and is destined to become a holiday classic. The network was very impressed with the accomplished director’s work, which led to a relationship to produce and direct more feature films for the network.

Being an innovative visionary on the forefront of cutting-edge technology, he founded Glassrock Entertainment, a full-service production company based in Los Angeles, CA that specializes in TV/film production, development, new media and technology. Alton Glass has gone from sweeping floors to sweeping awards, he’s proven his mettle as a bonafide filmmaker.

As a visionary with a wealth of experience, he feels the future of filmmaking will be enhanced through technology and will become more immersive. Alton’s primary objective is to tell gripping stories with layers and dimensions. He wants to be instrumental in preparing a legion of new filmmakers for the movement of immersive and interactive storytelling from traditional media to Virtual and Augmented Reality.

He is a natural teacher and leader and mentors students and aspiring artist. He offers this advice to those who desire to become a part of the industry: “Approach your career as if no one cares. Everyone feels talented so either stand in line or stay persistent and work hard to create your own lane.”

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