Amy Goodson: September 16, 2019



Live On-Site from the National Cattleman’s Beef Association Culinary Center, funded by the Beef Checkoff in Colorado


Amy Goodson

Dietitian, emphasis in overall health, wellness and sports nutrition, featured on WNBC TV New York, KXAS TV Dallas, KTVU TV San Francisco, KHOU TV Houston, WFTS TV Tampa, WTMJ TV Milwaukee,,, and more

After a long summer of backyard barbecues and snacking at pool parties, the turn of a season is the perfect time to reset the diet and jump back into fitness. According to USDA, we spend just about 40 minutes a day prepping and serving food, and cleaning up, so why not make the most of your time and revamp your refrigerator by adding in healthier choices that will benefit you long after the kitchen closes? Now is the time to add nutrient rich, high-quality proteins into your fridge that can make it easier to stick to your health routine.


  • Protein is key for satisfaction. In fact, people who consume diets higher in protein (about 30% of daily calories from protein) feel more satisfied, which may prevent mindless snacking and overeating.
  • If you’re upping your fitness game, beef is high quality protein, providing the essential amino acids needed for muscle-building and recovery. Further, research shows that exercise is more effective when paired with diets higher in protein.
  • Looking to eat more “real foods”?  Beef is an authentic source of high-quality protein without a long list of ingredients and no added sodium—it’s just beef.
  • Animal proteins, like beef, are among the most nutrient-dense, complete protein sources available, meaning they provide essential amino acids which are the building blocks of protein and in turn help your body maintain muscle.
  • Recent research has shown that lean beef, as part of a heart-healthy diet, can support cardiovascular health.

With beef providing protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins, it’s no surprise that beef can support a healthy lifestyle. On Monday, September 16, dietitian Amy Goodson will discuss how we can get back into our health this fall and why it all begins in the kitchen She will also share some of her favorite recipes for fall that are healthy, tasteful, and are sure to get you on back on track.

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Amy Goodson is a registered dietitian and consultant in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with an emphasis in overall health, wellness and sports nutrition.  She has twelve years of experience as the sports dietitian at Ben Hogan Sports Medicine and has worked with Texas Christian University Athletics, the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and their minor league affiliates, FC Dallas Soccer, Jim McLean Golf School and many PGA Tour players as well as with many middle school, high school and endurance athletes. Amy speaks at a variety of nutrition, athletic training and coaching conferences in addition to providing health and nutrition presentations to various businesses and companies.  She is an ambassador/speaker for the American Heart Association and the National Dairy Council, has served on the Dairy Max Health and Wellness Advisory Council and is a consultant and speaker for Gatorade Sports Science Institute and works with the NBA G-League. Amy writes for a variety of on-line publications including Healthline Authority Nutrition, STYR Labs My Nutrition IQ, Women’s Running Magazine, The Athlete’s Parent and the Dallas Cowboys 5 Points Blue platform.  She is also the co-author of “Swim, Bike, Run – Eat,” a sports nutrition book for triathletes and the nutrition contributor to retired NFL player Donald Driver’s book, The 3-D Body Revolution.  Amy developed the sports nutrition program for an FloReal Sports, a London-based youth football program and is a media spokesperson with over 500 media placements in a variety of media outlets locally and nationally.  She is the owner of RD Career Jumpstart, a business designed to help dietetic students, interns and new registered dietitians determine and take the steps necessary to reach their dream career. Amy is the host of Fit, Fueled, & Fabulous, a weekly web-based talk show. It includes all things women’s health, nutrition, fitness, beauty and fashion. Amy received her Bachelor of Science in speech communications from Texas Christian University and Master of Science in exercise and sports nutrition from Texas Woman’s University. She is also a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.

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