Anthony Schneider: February 16, 2016

Anthony-Schneider-LRGAnthony Schneider

New Book Lays Bare South Africa in the Struggle Years and Today

Hailed by Nobel Prize winning writer as “daring,” Schneider’s new book is about the cost of heroism, South Africa in the Sixties and South Africa today

Anthony Schneider’s new novel, Repercussions, published to acclaim by Penguin South Africa and Permanent Press in the U.S. strips bare the truth about the Struggle to end apartheid and gives a searing assessment on South Africa today. The novel, in part about a man who takes enormous risks because of his beliefs is a riveting account of the dangerous days of the Struggle, and what it means to stand up for one’s beliefs. The novel also looks at contemporary South Africa, which is mired in crime and corruption.


Author Anthony Schneider has made frequent trips to South Africa in the past five years, most recently spending two months in Cape Town. He is able to discuss both the book and its themes of courage, home and family as well as South African history and the country today. A gruaduate of the University of Pennsylvania and NYU and an entrepreneur by day, Anthony is the author of two books, and has appeared on CNN, Fox News and radio stations around the world.



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