Antoinette Tuff: February 17, 2014

Antoinette Tuff-1Antoinette Tuff with Alex Tresniowski –

Prepared for a Purpose

The inspiring true story of how one woman saved an Atlanta school under siege. August 20, 2013 started like most days for Antoinette and her family.  After her devotion time with God ordering her day, it was a special breakfast her son Derrick and than to school were she worked as a bookkeeper.PreparedforaPurpose_HCjacket.indd

At lunchtime, she was to serve as front desk relief for a teacher.  Moments upon taking over, 20 year old Michael Brandon Hill came in armed with an assault rifle and hundreds of ammunition in order to kill and be killed.  

Antoinette’s compassion and understanding of the gunman’s pain and depression ended up saving hundreds of children, herself and the gunman.  This is an uplifting story in the midst of real life conditions that included a divorce of her husband of 33 years, a single mom taking care of her multiple disabled son and daughter in college.  How she goes through this and the threat of a depressed young man on a mission to kill hundreds of school children is a most compelling story.  Like all of us who have heard the story, you come away with having special insight to a hero who let God be God, and everyone was saved as a result.

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