April 12, 2017

Senate Dysfunction By The Numbers, Russia Assad Exposed & Eyes On North Korea

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So much the Gorsuch showed us.  Our Constitution does not include the Harry Reid Nuclear Option, so why does it exist? And why are WTP being held hostage by a dysfunctional process that is designed to have exactly what we have now…a minority number of senators able to check mate legislation, and gov’t appointments.  Designed to block, this is the senate process today.  Are you willing to exercise your constitutional power to get our government moving again?

Ben Kissel – Political Expert Ben Kissel: Why the Syria Strike Was An “Emotional” Move.  He is a professional podcaster, radio host, and political commentator with a large fan base of dedicated listeners.

James Hirsen – Hollywood Liberals React To Missile Strike On Syria.  Hirsen is a New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor.

Jennifer Breedon – Putin’s and Kim Jong Un’s Next Move.  Breedon is a legal analyst & human rights attorney concentrating on Religious Extremist Ideology and Domestic & International Law with the Clarion Project.

Andrea Kaye – It’s Water Cooler Talk Time as AK Talks The Latest Cultural & Entertainment News.  Andrea is a conservative TV & Radio Talk Show Host.

Ed Henry – Newly Discovered Unpublished Material Revealing a Side to Jackie Robinson Few Have Known. Henry serves as Fox News Channel’s chief national correspondent. He joined the network in June 2011.


Roger Hill – Army Officer Unloads on PC Culture Endangering US Military.  Hill is a former infantry commander in the 101st Airborne and a decorated combat veteran. Now an advocate for military veterans and first responders, he serves as director of operations at BodyWorn, a producer of police body cameras in Atlanta, Georgia.

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