April 18, 2016

Zuck Empire: Says No Space For Trump Wall, Privilege Over Color, US vs Texas On Immigration


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Michael Daugherty – Zuck Empire: Says No Space For Trump Wall and Billionaires fund anti-Trump delegate push…Record Barrage of Attack Ads, and More Than Half Hit Trump…Daugherty, the author of The Devil Inside The Beltway has the facts.

Christopher Harris – Says “American Privilege Transcends Color – It’s All About Your Attitude, Priorities, And Behavior.”  The Executive Director of Unhyphenated America explains.
Karen Weinstock – Attorney and Immigration expert reports how Today’s SCOTUS hearing of US vs Texas “Will Change Immigration Policies As We Know Them.” 

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Bill Federer – Are we heading to a “no election” election.  Could there be an October surprise in the offing? The nationally known speaker, best-selling author, and president of Amerisearch opines.
Carl Olson – it’s The Modern World and the Election of 2016-Lost amid the constant coverage of presidential campaigns, caucuses, speeches, debates, dramas, arguments, strategies, posturings, and platforms are historical perspective and true proportion. Olson shows us what’s happening in our world.  Not really all that new.
Bob Waliszewski – Families made their preference known this weekend as they went in droves to see Disney’s New Jungle Book Movie.  Barber Shop: The Next Cut was a distant second.
Dr. Christopher Gildemeister – There’s just something wrong with the current TV rating system and The Parents TV Council calls TV ratings flawed, and demands overhaul.  Dr Gildemeister is the head of research operations for the watchdog group-PTC
Aubrey Shines – Did you hear what New York’s mayor said on stage with Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton?  He really did say it.  “Sorry Hillary I was running on CP time.” Only a Democrat could almost get away with that.  Pastor Shines discusses.
Alex Brill – The AEI researcher and former Chief Economist will Analyze the candidates’ plans to cut taxes for the middle class.  Is it even possible considering our $19 Trillion and counting debt?

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