April 18, 2019

The Real Crisis and Cures at Our Southern Border, Big Day for Mueller Report Reveal


3 Compelling Hours of Experts, and Authors Pursuing The Truth No Matter Where It Leads

9:06-9:28a ET – Bruce Thatcher – The real crisis and cures at our Southern Border.  Founder of History Speaks, Author and immigration expert discusses

9:32-9:58a ET – Megan Barth – Mueller report reveal according to the law by AG Barr.  Dems and MSM doing what they can to save face and any credibility.  The co-chair of RedWave America PAC and The Media Equality Project reports

10:06-10:29a – Gregory Wrightstone – Consensus of Amazon employees reject radical climate change plan and WAPO says Border Crisis is due to Climate Change. The Climate Change geologist, analyst and author of Inconvenient Facts has the details.

10:32-10:42a ET – Devon Franklin – Award-winning film and TV producer, NY Times best-selling author, reminds everyone that his latest movie, Breakthrough releases today

10:46-10:58a ET – Steve Evans – Live from the Movie Capitol of the World, The Movie Guy reports on the Box Office Winners and coming attractions.


11:06-11:29a ET – Nora McInerny – Considers herself a reluctant expert in difficult conversations. Her new book, NO HAPPY ENDINGS, comes with more heartbreaking AND hilarious meditations on her messy, wonderful, and unexpected life.

11:32-11:42a ET – Lew Uhler – Founder and President of the National Tax Limitation Committee, discusses Capitalism vs Socialism, Trump economy in spite of the negative reporting from MSM and Rescuing California.

11:46-11:58a ET – Tom Kelly – Child Identity Theft accounted for 1 Million Stolen in 2017.  President and CEO of ID Experts shares, How to Protect your Kids’ Privacy.

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