April 25, 2017

Latest Fake News Polls, Repeal It Already, The Pending Tax Reform & The Wall

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Gary Bauer’s Take on the Fake News Polls-Were these the same polls that predicted a Hillary win? And Just Repeal the Thing already, What Have You Got To Loose, Let the free market work & Why is Congress relegislating what they already approved?  It these along with the top stories that have your attention.  We present the experts who know the facts on this very independent Bill Martinez Live.

Christine Harbin – Why Congress should pass a clean spending bill.  Harbin is the national issues campaign manager at Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s premier free market grassroots organization. She focuses on budget and spending, healthcare, and tax issues at the federal and state level.

Samantha Mills-Mao – The Good News Girl reports on the most popular viral videos from the internet.

Dean Sell – Jonah-Coming To The Big Screen, One Night Only, May 2nd!  Over the last 2 years Dean has spearheaded Sight & Sound’s rebranding efforts, identifying the organization’s unique voice and attributes. He is currently leading the latest initiative to make Sight & Sound’s productions more accessible to a broader audience through Cinema events.

Dr Babak Jahromi – Stroke Is The Fifth Leading Cause of Death For Americans.  Dr Jahromi is co-director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Carl Gallups – Latest BOMBSHELLS! – Arpaio Case … big news! Former MCSO lead Investigator Mike Zullo UNLOADS about BC and Arpaio Federal Case! Gallups is the senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, FL, an Amazon Top 60 best selling author, and a conservative talk radio host heard nationally and internationally, and a former decorated Florida law enforcement officer.


Chris Kortlander – A victim of the Deep State Says, “Uncle Sam Is Weaponized Against You.” Kortlander, is the Founding Director of the Custer Battlefield Museum, a former law enforcement officer who owns and operates the historic town of Garryowen, Montana, on the Custer Battlefield.

Jenny Beth Martin – Tea Party Patriots Founder Discusses Trump’s First 100 Days.  Martin is President and co-founder of Tea Party Patriots.

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