April 3, 2017

Trump Still Fighting For Repeal & Replace,  & Do Dems Really Want A Filibuster?

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Trump’s Not Giving Up On Repeal & Replace, Not All Dems Wanting To Filibuster Gorsuch, and North Korea May Be Begging for China’s Help Before It’s Over.  We’re following these developments and the other topics you’re talking about this week.  It’s all coming up on your very independent, Bill Martinez Live

Bishop EW Jackson – Public Schools Should Be Teaching Prayer, The Bible And Christianity, Look What’s Happened Since they Stopped.  Jackson is an American conservative politician, Christian minister, and lawyer in Virginia.

Brad Dacus – Do Dems Really Want To Filibuster Gorsuch? Dacus is the founder of Pacific Justice Institute, where he serves as President and continues to defend religious liberties and parental rights.


John Bona – What Is The Nature of Biblical Liberty As It Relates To Property? Bona is a firm believer in the American free enterprise system, and he calls on his thirty-plus years’ experience as an owner of Park ’N Go to shape his views and spread a message on the importance for Christians to promote religious, economic, and political liberty.

Raheel Raza – Radical Islam is a Numbers Game. She even called for a temporary immigration ban- a year before Mr. Trump.  Raza, a Muslim, is President of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, author of the book Their Jihad – Not My Jihad, award winning journalist, public speaker & activist for human rights featured in the award-winning documentary Honor Diaries.

Bob Waliszewski – Talks Family Friendly Movies like Zookeeper’s Wife, Ghost in the Shell, Boss Baby and Facing Darkness.  Meanwhile, It’s Boss Baby  and Beauty & The Beast 1 & 2 at The Box Office.  Bob is Focus On The Family’s Director of Media & Culture and PluggedIn.com website.


Jenny Beth Martin – Tea Party Patriots founder on GOP Healthcare Plan, Support for Gorsuch and Being A Citizen Activist.


George Marlin – SONS OF SAINT PATRICK: The History of the Archbishops of New York from Dagger John to Timmytown.  Marlin is a contributing editor of TheCatholicThing.org, a political columnist for the Long Island Business News and a contributor to The New York Post.


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