Aron Levine: May 10, 2016


Head of Merrill Edge at Bank of America Provides Tips on How All Americans

Can Pursue the Retirement They Want, When They Want




Head of Merrill Edge at Bank of America

It’s no surprise that Americans nationwide are taking stock of their financial situation, especially when it comes to retirement. Millennials are no exception. But, according to the latest Merrill Edge Report, millennials’ perspectives on their later years and how to get there hints at a redefining of retirement. Nearly half of the generation expects to retire when they hit a certain financial milestone or savings goal, while their older counterparts are focused on leaving the workforce when they hit a certain age or can no longer work due to health concerns. However, while millennials are taking a goal-oriented approach toward their retirement, they align with Americans overall in thinking they could be more proactive about retirement planning. When asked how proactive they were about planning for retirement, nearly four in 10 Americans awarded themselves a grade of “C” or lower and only 18 percent gave themselves an “A.”

Head of Merrill Edge Aron Levine is available for live interviews to discuss the highlights of the survey results and to educate all viewers about their finances, specifically as it relates to retirement. While saving for retirement may seem like a daunting task, there are small actions Americans can take today that can have a big impact down the road.

Some of his tips include:

·         Put a Plan in Place: And, if you already have a plan, now is a good time to revisit it to determine if it still aligns with what’s most important to you for your retirement years. If you’re off track, find ways to get back on track – such as implementing a stricter budget, contributing more to savings, or seeking help from a financial professional.

·         Take Advantage of Retirement Savings Vehicles: With a 401(k) you should ensure you’re contributing enough to gain full advantage of any match your employer may offer. And, if you’re 50 or older and haven’t saved as much as you’d like, you should consider taking advantage of catch-up contributions.

·         Reassess and Rebalance Your Portfolio: Life changes, and your investment strategy should keep up with your financial goals and priorities. Market changes can also affect the value of investments and your exposure to risk. That’s why it’s a good idea to rebalance your portfolio at least annually, and to periodically adjust your allocations to the appropriate risk level for your current situation.


As the head of Merrill Edge, Aron leads an organization that serves Bank of America’s preferred clients by providing the banking convenience of Bank of America and the investment insights of Merrill Lynch. Merrill Edge enables clients to seamlessly manage banking and investments through its online and mobile platforms. Clients can also meet with Financial Solutions Advisors to receive advice and guidance at select Financial Center locations or over the phone. And, Merrill Edge has a strong partnership with Merrill Lynch and US Trust, helping to ensure that Bank of America provides banking and wealth management solutions to clients across the entire wealth spectrum.

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