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Aron-Levine-lrgMany Procrastinate Saving Despite Wanting a Lifestyle Upgrade in Retirement

Merrill Edge Survey Finds Americans are Looking to Spend Less and Save More in 2016


According to a new survey, many Americans fell short of their 2015 financial goal to save for retirement, despite wanting a lifestyle upgrade in their golden years.  However, the Merrill Edge Report finds a majority are looking to turn things around in 2016 as more than half of Americans believe they’ll save more, spend less and invest more.


Millennials are more confident than their older counterparts that they’ll save more (88 percent vs. 64 percent) and invest more (82 percent vs. 48 percent) in 2016. However, they differ from Gen Xers, baby boomers and seniors (61 percent vs. 26 percent) in thinking that 2016 will also bring an uptick in their spending.


As the head of Merrill Edge, Aron leads an organization that serves Bank of America’s preferred clients by providing the banking convenience of Bank of America and the investment insights of Merrill Lynch. Merrill Edge enables clients to seamlessly manage banking and investments through its online and mobile platforms. Clients can also meet with Financial Solutions Advisors to receive advice and guidance at select Financial Center locations or over the phone. And, Merrill Edge has a strong partnership with Merrill Lynch and US Trust, helping to ensure that Bank of America provides banking and wealth management solutions to clients across the entire wealth spectrum.

Aron joined the company through Fleet Financial group in 1993, and over the past 22 years he has held positions within Commercial Real Estate Banking, Marketing, and Corporate Strategy. He graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in both Economics and History. Aron proudly serves as a National Trustee for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and as a Board Member for the Atlanta Girls School. He currently resides in Atlanta with his wife and two children.


  1. Diana Bergner says

    My husband and I have been clients of Merrill lynch/Merrill Edge since 1987. Some investments and also an account I use strictly to pay all bills.
    Last year they lost my social security number. A letter was sent out asking us to call them as they needed some information from me. I called and was told they needed my social security number. I wouldn’t give the rep I spoke with, the number over the phone and was told a form would be sent out to me and that I should fill out the form with my social security number and send it to them.
    This seemed like a bad idea to me. My social security number is a vital part of my financial identity and I refused to send this information to Merrill Edge by mail.
    The rep I spoke with was put off by this. I told this rep that seeing as we were also clients of Bank of America (since 1988) and they were now affiliated with Merrill Lynch, to contact Bank of America for my Social Security number.
    The rep at Merrill Edge refused to do that……probably trying to not get into trouble for losing my Social Security number in the first place!
    After much back and forth with phone calls, I finally acquiesced by taking the form they sent me down to a Merrill Lynch office in Scottsdale,Az. This was on October 21st, 2015.

    Well….guess what? Sometime this year ….. and I have no idea when…… Merrill Edge LOST MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AGAIN!
    I have no idea when they lost it because they didn’t call or send a letter. They say they called. I recall getting a call from a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch just as I was running out the door to get to a doctor appointment. The financial advisor only said she would like to talk to me and asked if she could call back at a better time. I said “Sure” and left the house.
    I didn’t think anything about this call….assuming it was someone trying to give me financial advice. We get many calls from financial advisors trying to give us advice on investments.
    So….I go about my life, merrily paying our bills from our Merrill Edge CMA, not ever suspecting there is a problem.
    I pride myself in paying all bills well before they are due which has resulted in a credit score in the mid 800’s
    After every bill paying session, I call the automated Merrill Edge system and balance our account.
    On October 14th, last month, the automated system would not give me my information and I’m transferred to a “Financial Advisor”
    This financial advisor is very sarcastic and rude. He wants me to verify my security information but will not say why.
    Then after answering security questions, I’m asked for my Social Security number……and then it hits me! These people have once again lost my Social Security number!! I ask if that is the reason for all the subterfuge? The snarky rep replies that I will be getting a letter.
    Sure enough the letter states that they need my Social Security number and also if I don’t comply I will be imprisoned!!
    I still have not been told that Merrill Edge closed my CMA (bill paying) account.
    Then…..the awful calls and letters of returned checks and fees from all of our creditors start to hit us!!!
    My husband takes a day off from work and we go down to speak with a Merrill Edge rep. He takes my social security number and has our account re-opened. This was on the 22nd of October last month.
    Today is the 23rd of November. I have literally been on the phone and online trying to get out from under the nightmare of companies who’s reps are very understanding when I tell them how Merrill Lynch closed our account with thousands of dollars in it because they lost my social security number….but, even though they are understanding
    It still requires a large fee to us added on the overdue payment. Also, for some reason, I have had to make several calls and online payments to each creditor because their reps are not able to get their systems to catch up.
    I truly do feel I am living in the movie “Groundhog Day”!!
    I’ve also only been getting 2 1/2 to 3 hours of sleep at night for over a month now because all of the stress from this and sitting on the phone for 7 hours a day has set off my medical issues……which I’ve had to see my doctors about and of course costs more money!
    I’m 66 years old and on Medicare. Because Merrill Lynch closed my bank account, my social security checks which also covers Medicare were rejected.
    We have a number of insurance policies that are also on automatic withdrawal from this account.
    Ask me how much of a pain it is to regroup when these as well as my husbands paycheck are rejected…..

    I’m on this site because I’m at my wits end!!!! I was looking for the name of someone with Merrill Edge who will see this because even though we have been told we will be reimbursed for the fees….. No one seems to want to deal with us.
    And I’ve been told by many that I should be paid for the month of grueling, mind-boggling hours I’ve had to spend on the phone just trying to get my financial life back on track! This has been such an assault on my above average bill paying psyche!!
    We asked for a letter of apology from Merrill Lynch because a few of our creditors wanted to have that in their files in case Merrill Lynch loses my social security number a third time.
    After much time spent going back and forth with a higher supervisor we were finally given a letter but…..quite honestly this letter is so back handed in its apology it’s a joke……and the creditors that were given this letter have had a good laugh over it as well.
    I’m hoping that by telling my story here that someone call or something will happen to end my nightmare!
    As I’ve said….we are a longstanding client of Merrill Lynch…… this fair?? Doesn’t that count for some type of thanks instead of the way we’ve been treated?

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