August 27, 2021: David Shurna and Sean Passmore


*** LIVE from the No Barriers Summit in Keystone, CO ***

DAVID SHURNA, Executive Director
No Barriers USA & Co-Founder, No Barriers Youth

DENNIS MALINIS, Vice President
Global Accessibility Business Support Consultant, Wells Fargo & Company

Head of Military Talent Strategic Sourcing and Enterprise Military & Veteran Initiatives, Wells Fargo & Company


One in four U.S. adults – 61 million Americans – have a disability that impacts major life activities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As the United States continues on the road to economic recovery, it is vital that people with disabilities and veterans have full access to employment during the national recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, according to a recent report, the GDP could get a boost of up to $25 billion if just 1 percent more of persons with disabilities joined the U.S. labor force.


No Barriers is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering people with disabilities, veterans and youth to overcome adversity. The No Barriers Summit is the nonprofit’s marquee event that empowers people to navigate obstacles, live a life of purpose, and give back to the world. The 2021 No Barriers Summit will take place Aug. 28-30 in a hybrid format – online through the No Barriers Virtual Events Platform and in-person in Keystone, CO. The experiential event seeks to empower people to break through barriers and provide connections to employment and financial health opportunities. The summit is an opportunity to join leaders, change-makers and aspiring visionaries to unite and discover how to build a world ready for greater possibilities.  


On August 27, Dave Shurna of No Barriers USA will be available for interviews live from the site of the 2021 No Barriers Summit in Keystone, CO to share details about the summit, why inclusion is such a vital part of the country’s economic recovery and how you can help.



After losing his hiking boots to a hungry hyena on the Nyika Plateau of northern Malawi, Dave and his friends spent a few intense months backpacking across Southern Africa while crafting their personal visions for changing the world. Little could he have known that the vision he crafted would guide the next 15+ years of his life. Dave outlined a plan to create a thriving organization built on the belief that transformative experiences, delivered to those poised and ready to receive them, have the power to shift one’s life path forever. Just as important as the experiences provided, would be the community he believed the organization would create. No Barriers is the result of that vision – an organization reaching hundreds of millions of people per year with millions of participants. Dave is the bestselling author of What’s Within You: Your Roadmap to Living a Life with No Barriers. Dave has spent more than 17 years building strong nonprofit organizations. An innovative entrepreneur and seasoned educator, he has worked with such diverse organizations as the Catamount Institute, the World Wildlife Fund, Duke University, Island Press, The Nature Conservancy, and the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Dave earned a master’s degree from Duke University in Environmental Policy and Economics and a B.S. in Biology from Xavier University. He also holds a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke. Dave lives in Colorado with his wife, Gina, and their two children.



Dennis joined Wells Fargo in 2017 where he was instrumental in standing up the Enterprise Accessibility Program Office which sponsored and implemented accessibility initiatives to mitigate risk, promote compliance to federal regulations, and build inclusive products and services for our customers and employees with disabilities. Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Dennis worked as a management and technology consultant for companies such as Oracle NetSuite and IBM Global Business Services managing enterprise transformation programs for clients in diverse industries implementing process and technology solutions to support key operational processes such as sales enablement, finance and accounting, and supply chain management. With over 20+ years of experience in leading enterprise programs and projects, Dennis brings critical experience in leading teams through transformative change.



Sean leads the Military Talent Strategic Sourcing (MTSS) team and oversees enterprise military and veteran initiatives at Wells Fargo, supporting the military community primarily with housing affordability, financial wellness, small business support, and career transition assistance programs. He manages relationships with strategic military, non-profit and for-profit veteran serving organizations. Sean also oversees military talent sourcing strategies and marketing strategies focused on the military segment. The MTSS team is comprised of military talent liaisons, strategists, consultants, and analysts, all 100% dedicated to attracting, recruiting, coaching, and advocating for veterans seeking career opportunities at Wells Fargo. Prior to Wells Fargo, Sean was the Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Military Affairs at Perfect Technician Academy, where he led the military engagement strategy and developed veteran recruiting, training and career placement programs. Sean was previously the Military Hiring Advisor for USAA, where he led the corporate effort to recruit and hire veterans and military spouses, and represented USAA globally as a military hiring, transition, retention, and talent programs subject matter expert.


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