Avi Lipkin: May 15, 2012



And What Was Really Behind His Bow to the Saudi King?

By Avi Lipkin


 Just recently, Barack Obama appointed one Samantha Power (pictured, top right) to his enormous round table of administrative czars, naming her the head of the Atrocities Prevention Board he created almost a year ago.

It’s a story so under the mainstream-media radar, even a Google search turns up almost nothing. …So, why are some Middle East affairs analysts so concerned?

Avi Lipkin is an Israeli citizen, former member of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and a former translator inside the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, giving him a rare insight on Middle East affairs.

While others are pointing to Power’s disturbing record of harboring anti-Israeli views—going so far as to propose a U.S. invasion of Israel to establish a Palestinian state (see the links below)—Lipkin takes his analysis of Power’s appointment a step further.

As a guest on your show, Lipkin will shock you and your audience with his incredibly well-reasoned assessment of why Samantha Power is perfect for her new role—if you’re blind to how the so-called Arab Spring is playing out, or if you’re a member of the Saudi royal family. Yes, the same family Obama curiously bowed to shortly after being sworn in as President (pictured, left).

According to Lipkin, “President Obama has three Saudi orders to carry out:

1. Terminate the Iranian Shi’ite threat—probably before the November elections and probably with the assistance of Israel.
2. Terminate the Jewish threat (Israel)—probably after the November elections with the help of the Sunni Saudi-backed Moslem Brotherhood and the Salafists.
3. Terminate America as the ‘Great Christian Satan’ and make it the greatest Islamic country in the world by bringing in and housing 100 million starving Moslems as refugees using Agenda 21. America will be Moslem by 2016 according to President Obama (according to Pastor Don Jones).”



Avi  Lipkin has spoken to numerous churches, synagogues and civic groups (including radio and  TV appearances). He offers compelling proof that the fanaticism of Islam is the number one threat to world peace today!

 In his first book, Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat? Avi presents his belief that Christians and Jews must forge an alliance to stop Islam’s secret goal to destroy Judaism and Christianity and dominate the world. His second book, released in late 1999, Christian Revival for Israel’s Survival expresses the need for Christians to awaken to their responsibility to stand with Israel in the days ahead.

Avi studied for an MA at Israel’s Conservative Jewish Seminary, is a spokesman for the Israel Defense Force (reserves) and is a former Sr. Editor and translator for the Israeli Government press office under Prime Minister Shamir.

He grew up in the liberal, northeastern part of the US. His experiences there, along with the horrific events of the Holocaust, led him to believe that all gentiles hated the Jews. Wanting to escape this hatred and feeling that the future of the Jewish people lies in Israel, Avi decided to move to Israel (make “aliyah”).

After 18 years in Israel, he took up an offer to correspond with a Christian Zionist (thinking this would be a perfect opportunity for his kids to polish up their English). Four years later, after corresponding all that time, Avi’s new friend invited him to come to the US to speak to some groups that included a number of churches.

While speaking at the various congregations, Avi’s perception of “gentiles” took a radical turn. He was surprised to discover many teary-eyed German-Americans with hands raised to God, praying for the peace of Jerusalem. This had a tremendous impact on Avi and he came to realize that he could not hate gentiles who had such a love for Israel. Now after many years, Avi has discovered that he actually had much in common with true bible-believing Christians.


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