Becky Kelley: December, 2013


I connected with Becky Kelley the first year this song and video was released.  It has now surpassed over four million views on YouTube.  And the audience for the song has expanded internationally.  

It all started with an observation by her then 4-year old nephew Spencer who was standing in line with his mother to take a picture with Santa.  He understood the line for Santa even at four years old, but he wondered and asked his mom, “Where’s the line to see Jesus?”

She related the story to Becky’s dad, a piano player.  He wrote the song and lyrics and Becky sang it, and I know you’ll be touched as soon many of us have been by the words from the mouth of a babe.  Here’s the clip of the video for you to share, along with my most recent interview with Becky, along with a link to their web site  


YouTube Video:

Be blessed and Merry Christmas!!!


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