Bill Martinez: Immigration

Bill-Jun2013-ImmigrationIf you think for a moment that the proposed Immigration bill is about Border security, then you may be in for a rude awakening.   The evidence is clear that Democrats are the perceived “good guys” and will control the majority of votes to be delivered by the supposed Eleven Million illegal’s.  

I only say supposed because who knows the real number?  I remember when the number that was first being tossed around was 7-8 million which soon begat 10 and now maybe 11-12 million.  Whatever the number, it’s a lot of votes for Democrats, and votes are what makes the world of Democrats go round.

Disappointingly, this is not about policy based on our national security and economy.  This is not policy that will serve the highest interests of these aforementioned immigrants.  And because it’s more about getting their vote, immigrants are gullible enough to sell their votes for a price of unending entitlements, broken promises and thwarted dreams.

But then you question, the price that must be paid for all this alleged free stuff.  Unbenounced to them, the real price is their very soul to be owned by the company store.  

People ask me because I am Hispanic what’s my problem with free hand outs to Hispanics?  It’s because experience has taught us even harshly at times that there’s never anything that’s free, there’s always a price to be paid.  

The Democratic Party collective offers free stuff in one hand and handcuffs in the other.  I believe dreams are significant and precious.  America is where big and small dreams have been are being realized.  

Where else in the world can you realize your dreams, provide for yourself and your family and enjoy your God-given rights?  This will all be lost, even for the illegal immigrants and this is why I am fundamentally against the proposed immigration bill.  It amounts to nothing more than a modern version of slavery with the government being the one from whom we derive our rights.  For me and I know many of you, we would much rather derive our rights, like the constitution says, from God alone.  

So many immigrants historically who didn’t know they could sell their votes participated and contributed to this great American experiment.  And their reward was freedom and everything else that went with an American way of life.  America’s benefit was job creation, innovation, and contributors to the greater American dream.

People from all over the world are drawn to America because it works, even in spite of a government that is doing everything it can to bring us down.  To them I say, if you want to be like much of Europe, maybe that’s where you need to take your ideas and your efforts.  It’s easy for many of us to see that your ideas just don’t work for America.

Our country is unique for many reasons; some might say exceptional, at the risk of offending some.  All you have to do is consider our History and tell me what other country or nation has excelled and been blessed like ours.  Our constitutional rights allow us to debate and challenge advancing the cause of democracy, but it doesn’t allow for tyranny and ideas that serve to destroy our very existence.  We need fundamental transformation like we need $17 more trillion in debt.

It’s way past time, to call it for what it is and open our eyes to a pernicious, dare I say progressive movement that threatens our American way of life.  Some may say, America is beyond the tipping point and our destruction is inevitable.  It scares me to think of a world without America’s high ideals, hope and inspiration.  

Before it’s too late, I am asking that you reconnect with your big dreams that you had for yourself and your family.  I believe we can still take back our country, but it won’t be easy.  We have allowed too much time and ground to be taken over by the progressives who dream of an America that looks more like socialized Europe, where big dreams are thwarted, and your soul becomes the property of the collective relying on government for all your needs.  

We are already seeing in Europe and even here at home, that government no matter the size cannot deliver.   It’s one big hallow promise to secure politicians reelection. Stop and consider that some 310 million people in America are being controlled and manipulated by just 545 elected officials.  We must open our eyes to see that the greater good is being misserved.  

What happened to a Government of, for and by the people?  Progressives have been allowed to steal our dreams, our resources and all our hard work.  They have and continue to redistribute every bit of our resources to those they chose and deem worthy of their particular cause and interest.  We The People are being screwed!

We the people are a force right now in America but there are many who are against us, who believe that Americans are somehow undeserving.  That hard work, dedication, courage and commitment doesn’t deserve its reward.  

Many before us realized that what America has is too precious to cast aside.  So much so that they willingly sacrificed it all, including their very lives to pass on generation to generation an exceptional America.  The question before us this day is, “Will we be the generation that is unable to pass on the baton of hope and freedom to the next generation?”  


  1. MR Martinez if you don’t want guns here in this Country which has been founded on Guns please leave this Country and go back to your own Country. There are many Countries with no guns try Mexico see if you survive ignorant people like you should not even speak. Exactly the case for none moral people will always get guns if people would have guns to defend themselves they would think twice to get in your home or make a shoot out!
    All these leaders are so ignorant ….Look around other Countries with gun control….wake up!

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