Bret Baier: Three Days In January, Dwight Eisenhower’s Final Mission

Bret Baier

As the Chief Political Anchor for Fox News Channel and Anchor of Special Report with Bret Baier, Baier has had a front row seat for the duration of the presidential election, so he’s the perfect person to provide insight on this crucial period of presidential history, just as our next president prepares to take the oath of office. THREE DAYS IN JANUARY is centered around Eisenhower’s farewell address as the pinnacle of his leadership and efforts to leave the country on good footing.

Publishing in the lead up to the inauguration, this book is an entirely new historical look at Eisenhower’s presidency, through the lens of his dramatic final three days in office, when he passed the baton to JFK. At its center, the book digs deep into Eisenhower’s final address as President, as well as his efforts to advise Kennedy in the three days between the address and Kennedy’s inauguration. Baier looks at this brief but crucial period between Eisenhower’s address and Kennedy’s inauguration as Eisenhower’s closing act as one of America’s finest leaders, during which he sought to set the nation on a course for peace and prosperity.

Baier paints a portrait of presidential leadership at its finest, as he details Eisenhower’s little known efforts to warn both Kennedy and the American people of what he viewed as the most perilous threats of the future. At the end of those fateful three days in January 1961, Eisenhower left the public stage having done more than perhaps any other modern American to set the nation, in his words, “on our charted course toward permanent peace and human betterment.” Baier reveals how he accomplished such a feat, and the lessons Eisenhower’s example can teach us today, since we’re still dealing with so many of the same issues he faced during his presidency.

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