Carl Gallops: February 11, 2014

Feb11-2014_CarlGallopsPP Simmons’ and former police officer, Carl Gallups reports on the latest information available regarding President Obama’s Birth Certificate.  There was a just released 40 page report that involved over two years of research and the news is not good for the White House.  Carl also brings us up-to-date on the latest reports from Lt Mike Zullo, the lead investigator for Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse. There are now two separate criminal investigations underway which affects could be international.



Obama Birth Certificate Forged


New allegations are stemming from the birth certificate that Obama posted on his website from Hawaii. A well known document examiner, who has been employed by the same firm Obama is using to defend his eligibility, has released a 40 page report regarding it, and it’s bad news for Obama.

Douglas Voght, has invested over two years of his time investigating the birth certificate combined his knowledge with typesetter Paul Ivey to examine the document that was used to create the PDF online. Together they have 80 years of combined experience and what they’ve come up with is astonishing.

They went out and found the same type of equipment that would have been used back when Obama was born and attempted to recreate a certificate of live birth like what we’ve been shown. Rather than create something that look exactly the same as what we’ve been shown, they found 20 points of inconsistency between what they created and what Obama has provided, and detailed each forgery in their report. Voght also claims to have found the signature of the woman who created the forged document, within the document itself.


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