Carol Cummings, RN, BSN: May 17, 2016


Research shows brain exercise can fortify the brain.  Just as aerobic exercise strengthens our cardiac, pulmonary and vascular systems and weight training builds muscle tissue.

Carol Cummings, RN, BSN

Carol Cummings, RN, BSN

For the last 30 years or so, an emphasis on physical health has been a popular topic.  With a variety of exercise workouts and discussions about proper diets, staying in tip-top shape is an important part of life as we age.  And while physical fitness is certainly essential for good health, the health of one’s brain is often an afterthought.

In efforts to encourage brain health, Brookdale Senior Living, the nation’s largest operator of senior living communities, worked with Paul Nussbaum, PhD, to create a brain health program called “Know Your Brain, Grow Your Brain, Flex Your Brain” for its residents. Dr. Nussbaum is board certified in both clinical psychology and geropsychology and is the founder of Brain Health Center, Inc.

The brain health class includes four sessions designed to give you an overview of the brain and guidelines for keeping it healthy for a lifetime. There are also projects to engage the brain in novel and complex activities and fun and challenging way to exercise your brain. Throughout the sessions people learn what it means to live a brain healthy lifestyle and how to make a brain health plan. The class uses the six dimensions of Optimum Life® — physical, emotional, purposeful, social, spiritual, and intellectual as a framework for brain health.

More About Carol Cummings, RN, BSN:
Nationally recognized senior health expert Carol Cummings, RN, BSN, is Senior Director of Optimum Life Engagement for Brookdale Senior Living, the nation’s largest senior living provider. In this role, Carol is responsible for the creation of programs and services designed to integrate whole-person wellness for Brookdale residents in more than 1100 communities in 47 states. Carol’s innovative approach to senior living programming has earned multiple awards such as International Council on Active Aging Innovator Award and the Assisted Living Federation of America’s Best of the Best. As a Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Wellness Practitioner, Carol is truly an avid student and engaging teacher with a passion for helping older adults live life to the fullest. 

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