Ceci Carmichael: February 22, 2017



*** March is National Frozen Food Month ***


Classically-Trained Chef, Lifestyle Expert and TV Personality, featured on Food Network, OWN, and other networks and programs

Do you find yourself in a rotation of the same five or six recipes at dinner time? It’s time to find new inspiration in a place you might not expect… your grocer’s frozen food aisle.

Today’s freezer aisles are full of quality foods, made with real ingredients. Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked at the peak of ripeness and flash frozen to lock in all the beneficial nutrients and keep them in their perfect, just-picked state. Appetizers, ready-made sandwiches, side dishes, entrees and desserts can all be found in one place, with options for vegetarian, organic, gluten-free, international and ethnic-inspired products.

March is National Frozen Food Month, and many of your local grocery stores will be featuring special prices and promotions. Leading up to the event, Ceci Carmichael will be available on Feb. 22 to tell your viewers about the latest innovations in frozen food products, the benefits of choosing frozen foods, easy, time-saving recipes and details about a new, national sweepstakes offer.


·         Vegetables, fruits and seafood are harvested/caught at the peak of freshness and flash frozen instantly – sometimes right in the field or on the boat – locking in all the beneficial nutrients and flavor with no preservatives.

·         Frozen fruits and vegetables, properly blanched and packaged for the freezer can be stored for 8-12 months.

·         Americans eat more than 2 billion slides of frozen pizza each year.

·         55% of women depend on the convenience of frozen foods when getting dinner on the table for their families.


Ceci Carmichael moved to New York City from Washington D.C. where  she pursued an acting career, appearing on stage, television and  in over 150 commercials. In 1998, following a passion for food and cooking, she graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education becoming a personal chef and going on to start a catering company, Swell Food, shortly  thereafter.Ceci  conceived, produced and hosted a pilot for a show called True Food. This led to her being discovered by the Food Network, where she hosted Calling All Cooks and  Good Food Fast.  She later became the cooking expert on Fine Living’s Simplify Your Life, helping families streamline their time in the kitchen.  She can now be seen as one of the cooking experts on Home Made Simple on  OWN .  In her down time, Ceci runs a Kitchen Coaching business, where she instructs and motivates clients to start cooking in their own kitchens. Ceci is a volunteer chef for Wellness In The Schools, which cooks fresh, healthy food from scratch in New York City Public School cafeterias.

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