Ceci Carmichael: May 31, 2017


Inspiration Is Close As Your Grocer’s Dairy Aisle

*** June is National Dairy Month ***



Classically-Trained Chef, Lifestyle Expert and TV Personality

Are you looking to add more versatility to meals, snacks and desserts? It’s time to find new inspiration in a place you might not expect… now you can discover the fresh possibilities in your grocer’s dairy aisle.

Today’s dairy aisle has evolved over the years  – from exotic flavors, unique combinations and pairings to innovative packaging, dairy products are way more than just your average fridge staples. While families are still purchasing milk, eggs and butter, the evolution of yogurts and cheeses have expanded and boomed in popularity. Additionally, milk alternatives are available in a variety of options and creating buzz for its health benefits. Shoppers are eagerly shopping this aisle for inventive flavors and emerging trends more so now than ever before.

Gearing up for June Dairy Month, Ceci Carmichael will be available on May 31 to tell your viewers about the latest innovations in the dairy aisle, the benefits of choosing dairy, and easy, creatively-inspired recipes.



·         Dairy department sales reached just over $71 billion in 2015 compared to $69 billion in 2014

·         Ready-to-eat desserts and whipped topping have above average sales rates with boomers

·         Innovation with yogurt is driving growth with a 3.1%  dollar increase from 2014-2015; same with eggs having a 11.2% dollar increase

·         There are more than 2,000 varieties of cheeses in the dairy aisle


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Ceci Carmichael moved to New York City from Washington D.C. where she pursued an acting career, appearing on stage, television and in over 150 commercials. In 1998, following a passion for food and cooking, she graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education becoming a personal chef and going on to start a catering company, Swell Food, shortly thereafter. Ceci conceived, produced and hosted a pilot for a show called True Food. This led to her being discovered by the Food Network, where she hosted Calling All Cooks and Good Food Fast.  She later became the cooking expert on Fine Living’s Simplify Your Life, helping families streamline their time in the kitchen.  She can now be seen as one of the cooking experts on Home Made Simple on OWN .  In her down time, Ceci runs a Kitchen Coaching business, where she instructs and motivates clients to start cooking in their own kitchens. Ceci is a volunteer chef for Wellness In The Schools, which cooks fresh, healthy food from scratch in New York City Public School cafeterias.

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