Charles Coleman Jr: May 24, 2019


10 Acts of Service on Behalf of CFC40 Inc. To Initiate a Ripple Effect of Change

*** Boston Event Saturday May 25th ***


Charles Coleman Jr.

Civil Rights Attorney and Activist


In today’s world of toxic dialogue and vitriolic political overload, too many of us spend time engaging negativity and giving away our power. What would it look like for us to lead where we are? It would look like us making the conscious decision to have an impact in the spaces we already have access to, without waiting for permission from someone else or an institution to grant us entrance. It would look like communities of color re-engaging to engineer solutions to the problems that afflict us most and which we know best, rather than waiting for help that may not ever show up. It would look like the Black Superhero Project.

What Is It?

10 cities. 10 service projects. And a ripple effect of change. The Black Superhero Project is an ambitious initiative being undertaken by CFC40 and its founder, Charles F. Coleman Jr. Charles is a civil rights attorney and activist who has decided to challenge himself and others in the spirit of leading where you are. He is setting out to complete 10 different service projects in 10 different communities across the country. Each project will involve collaborations between Charles’ CFC40 non-profit and other community-based organizations in different cities to target specific demographics that are uniquely affected.


A central premise of The Black Superhero Project is that we all should “Do Our Part.” Accordingly, we have consistently been able to rely on an array of donated services and products at a reduced cost, or without any cost at all. The ask is simple and straightforward. A Day of Inclusion will be the first activation that involves as many state and local agencies.

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More About Charles Coleman Jr.:

Charles F. Coleman Jr. is a seasoned civil rights attorney and legal analyst. He has quickly emerged as one of one of strongest thought leaders and modern voices in today’s conversation on race, law, culture, politics, social justice, and civil rights. Charles began his legal career as a prosecutor in the Kings County (Brooklyn, NY) District Attorney’s Office. While there, he excelled expediently and was handpicked to join the Specialized Gangs Unit, where he prosecuted several of the city’s most dangerous high profile criminals.

As a former Brooklyn, NY prosecutor turned civil litigator, Charles has a litany of experience in the courtroom. His trial acumen is matched only by his leadership abilities, in which he displays his community mobilization and civic activism efforts.      Since leaving the DA’s office, Charles has transitioned to the arena of civil rights, focusing primarily on Equal Employment Opportunity Law, while helping to advance the conversation on race and culture. He also supports private businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies in their efforts to further the interest of diversity while creating more inclusive and culturally competent workspaces. Charles encourages companies to view diversity as a strategy for sustainable recruitment and retention of top talent, the optimization of productivity, and a bridge to greater conversation for better understanding between us all.

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