Chris Rumble, Seattle Children’s Hospital Cancer Patient, Lifting Spirits with ‘Stronger’ Video


Music can often be the best medicine and Chris Rumble is using Kelly Clarkson’s hit song “Stronger” along with his filmmaking skills to lift spirits and put smiles on his fellow cancer patients at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital.  It’s no wonder the video has gone viral as you see the children, teens, families and staff sing and dance and lift every viewers’ heart.  Get ready to be blessed and have some tissue handy.

Rumble, a hockey player standout, took a slight detour to attend Canisius College in Buffalo, NY on a hockey scholarship.  His recent diagnosis has doctors confident that Rumble will beat the cancer with several rounds of chemotherapy.  

Just one month after being diagnosed himself with leukemia, the 22-year old Rumble decided to lift the spirits of fellow cancer patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital with a little music.  And little did he know, that it would lift the spirits of many outside the hospital.

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