Cliff Numark: December 18, 2020


Learn why convalescent plasma is so important to patients fighting COVID-19 and how you can help 



Senior Vice President of Donor Services and Chief of Marketing for Vitalant, the nation’s largest nonprofit, independent blood services provider 



COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing across the country and the world. As cases rise, the need for convalescent plasma donations rises as well and right now, there is an emergency need. Distributions of convalescent plasma to hospitals have more than tripled since September. There is concern there won’t be enough for all patients without a significant amount of donations. 


The U.S. Surgeon General and Federal Emergency Management Agency have designated blood, platelet and convalescent plasma donation as essential activities during the pandemic. Convalescent plasma can be donated by those who have recovered from the illness.It contains antibodies that could be used to treat patients with an active, severe COVID-19 case to give them an extra boost to fight their illness. 


On Dec. 16, Cliff Numark of Vitalant, the nation’s largest nonprofit independent blood services provider, will be available to discuss the state of the country’s blood supply, why blood, platelet and plasma donation is so important right now, how convalescent plasma works and how to donate. 


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More About Cliff Numark:
Cliff Numark is senior vice president of donor services and chief of marketing for Vitalant (“Vye-TAL-ent”), the nation’s largest nonprofit, independent blood services provider exclusively focused on providing comprehensive transfusion medicine services for approximately 1,000 hospitals and their patients. In his role, he oversees marketing, communications and outreach to blood donors and stakeholders, to ensure hospitals have the blood products they need to help patients. Prior to joining Vitalant, Cliff led blood operations in local, regional and national roles for more than 16 years at the American Red Cross. In his career, he has launched innovative marketing campaigns, such as the U.S. Missing Types campaign, as well as improving operations through enhanced recruitment of platelet, O-negative and lapsed blood donors through programs that emphasized digital outreach. Prior to helping save lives, Cliff worked in business consulting, public affairs and journalism. Cliff received a law degree from UC Berkeley, Master in Public Affairs from Princeton University, Master of Science from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom, and Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, from Pomona College in Chemistry and Public Policy. 



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