Coach Kevin Collins: March 29, 2013



Coach is back on Staten Island, so he gives us an update on the situation that remains there.  Still much to do and many remain with their homes there.  Also discussed was the latest on North Korea threatening to bomb US cities, and Gay marriage – is it good as here?

Join us every Friday at 9:476a (EST) for Kevin Collins “The Coach” with a spot light on the latest political news you need to be aware of.   He is a former Vietnam Era Marine with a doctorate in Public Administration, Collins is a retired NYPD Honor Legion street cop; taught 16 years as an adjunct professor of behavioral psychology at schools around the NYC area-including St. John´s University; a member of Mensa; a savy basketball coach and member of the Sons of the American Revolution serving proudly as a TEA party Board member whose message is aimed at my Baby Boom generation telling them WE have to save America.

He is the author of  Crooks, Thugs & Bigots  The Lost, Hidden and Changed History of the Democrat Party.  
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