Colleen Burns: June 15, 2018


Must-Have Items to Keep Your Family Cool and Comfortable



Colleen Burns

Lifestyle and Parenting Expert

Millions of Americans are enjoying the warmth of spring, but before we know it, the hot days of summer will be upon us. This is the perfect time of year to make sure you are stocked with the items you need to keep your active family cool, dry and comfortable in the months ahead.

Before you get caught up in end-of-school activities, camp and vacations plans, prepare for summer with some guidance from an expert! On Friday, June 15th, lifestyle and parenting expert Colleen Burns, will be available to offer tips on what you should keep, what you should throw away, and what you should stock up on.

In this segment, Colleen will tell your audience everything they need to know about essential summer-survival items:

  • Fun in the sun: always have sunscreen on hand to protect from harmful rays. Apply daily and make sure to reapply if you’re out in the sun for long stretches of time.
  • Relieve sunburned skin: forgot the sunscreen? Didn’t apply enough? Make sure you have Aloe Vera handy. It’s cool to the touch and naturally soothes burned skin. Bonus: it also helps with wrinkles!
  • Don’t forget about Mom: everything from daily liners to menstrual or bladder pads, the best long-lasting options for sizzling summer days can be found in your store brand products.

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More About Colleen Burns:
 Colleen hasn’t always been a Mom on the Run. She used to chase stories as a reporter and anchor for a national news network, and covered local beats for CBS affiliates in Illinois and Minnesota. She was also producer for the nationally syndicated Emmy Award winning show “Smarter Living”, and contributed regularly for PBS and The Weather Channel. Once she started having kids (…and kept having them) she realized time-management had become her biggest job. If she could just get time on her side she might have a fighting chance at this Supermom-thing. So, she began searching out the best products, the quickest recipes, timesaving gadgets…you get the idea. That is how she became The Mom On The Run.

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