Crystal Walker: February 14, 2014












How does a modern ROMANTIC wife in DC take care of her man on Valentines Day, raise four kids and contrast life in the Mid West with life inSW_cover_FINAL_300 Washington as well as have time to reflect on legalizing marijuana; the role it may play in the 2014 election AND where the best bargains in DC are?  Bill Martinez Live found out the answers to such questions when co-author of Desperate in DC and blogger Crystal Walker was on the Valentine’s Day program. Other issues of national MARITAL security such as whether the DC wife wants Chocolate, lingerie or flowers on Valentines day and if DC is hell for a marriage or fabulous plus themes  connected to raising kids, navigating the social contacts with the deeply self-important personalities of our nation’s capital and finding caretakers for aging parents are the type of deadly serious yet tongue in cheek topics that Crystal Walker and her British co-author Phoebe Thompson (both pen names) wrestle with in their blog Desperate in DC. These writers  gleefully skewer the privileged and powerful in the nation’s capital from the enriching perspectives of a Mid-Western attorney and a journalist, wife and mother from London living in 21st century DC.   

Desperate in DC is available as an ebook through Smashwords or Amazon. 

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