Elyce Monet  is the President & CEO of Connect The Dots For Education, a fully integrative program for delivering educational technology in the classroom.  Our classrooms are still operating in 1800s technology, while we are in the digital technology age!  It’s time to support schools to get them up to speed.  Our future leaders depend on it.

Elyce and Bill discuss the components of the program, which include:  

1)     A Custom Configured Digital Platform with SSO, Provisioning & Analytics

2)     CTD4EDU Marketplace-where you try software before you buy, and have $100 credit toward software of your choosing

3)     Teacher, Student and Parent Customized Training & Teacher Mentoring

4)      A 10” Intel® Education Tablet  with Intel® Software (OPTIONAL) or the BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE model for schools

The total cost per student is ONLY $180 PER YEAR on a 2 year contract.  Hardware cost of specified tablet is $299.  

We need support of Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Uncles, Aunts and Friends to support their students first year.  Make a donation and support the program.  Get technology into the classroom NOW!  Click SUPPORT A STUDENT below and give generously!

Business Sponsors can receive over $1.5 Million in national advertising for their support. 

Call Elyce Monet for details.  626-963-1440

– See more at:  https://billmartinezshow.com/ctd4edus-mission-november-2013/#sthash.rueokzxO.dpuf


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