Dave Leduc: February 20, 2020




Dave Leduc

Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Head of Fixed Income Mellon, a BNY Mellon Investment Management firm


Investing with an eye on the long-term is wise, and those who stay disciplined are often rewarded for staying the course. However, this does not mean investors should ignore their investments. Just as routine medical visits are key to maintaining our physical health, periodic portfolio check-ups are vital to financial health. With so much uncertainty facing markets and the global economy, now is the perfect time to check in on your investment holdings. 


When considering the historic ten-year bull run that equities have experienced in relation to fixed income—and identifying “high spots in a low-rate environment”—it’s important to remember that just because rates fluctuate and there’s been Quantitative Easing among central banks, doesn’t mean investors should altogether abandon portfolio allocation theory.


On Thursday, February 20, Dave Leduc CIO of Mellon, a BNY Mellon Investment Management firm, will share thoughts about why an understanding of available fixed income strategies has never been more important in achieving long-term financial goals. 


Some of Dave’s views will include:

  • Diversification: Diversification isn’t dead even though interest rates are low. Fixed income solutions can provide vital diversification elements in an investor’s portfolio, regardless of the person’s age or investing goals.
  • Municipal Bonds: There is a strong case to be made for municipal bonds in this market environment, where certain municipal investments are not necessarily correlated with other fixed income strategies in an investor’s portfolio.
  • The Case for Global: Domestic investing isn’t always best. Many investors may be surprised to know that over 60% of fixed income opportunities reside outside the U.S.


For more information, please visit: www.im.bnymellon.com


Views expressed are those of the author stated and do not reflect views of other managers or the firm overall.



David is Mellon’s CIO, Head of Fixed Income. In this role, he oversees the active fixed income and fixed income efficient beta portfolio management teams.


Prior to the 2019 merger of Mellon Capital, Standish, and the Boston Company to form Mellon, David was the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer for Standish, responsible for overseeing fixed income investment management activities. He was also a member of the Standish Board of Managers. David held a number of leadership positions, including Chief Investment Officer of Active Fixed Income, Managing Director of Global Fixed Income and Senior Portfolio Manager for global credit strategies. David joined the firm in 1995 as a portfolio manager and analyst for US domestic fixed income, moving from structured finance to global strategies in 1999. Prior to that, David spent seven years as an Investment Officer at State Street.


He has an MBA from Boston University and a BS from the University of Rhode Island. David holds the CFA® designation and is a member of the CFA Institute.


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