Dave Snuggs: July 19, 2012


The Concept of Offering a Hand Up Goes High Tech


Sometimes, finding a way to change the world can be so simple, we overlook it.

But corporate marketing and promotions professional, Dave Snuggs, is focused like a laser beam on the endeavor, affecting lives in a very direct and tangible way.

Snuggs is the creator of an innovative web-based organization called My Neighbor in Need. It’s so ingeniously simple in its concept, it takes the spirit of giving to an entirely new plane, anonymously connecting people in need with those who can help—through the limitless power of the World Wide Web.

Originally begun in Snuggs’ adopted hometown of Great Falls, Montana, back in March of this year, MyNeighborInNeed.org was only up and operational for two weeks when an individual in Afghanistan of all places donated money to help a woman in Great Falls.

And the success of the program just continues to grow exponentially.

“I am thrilled beyond words,” exclaims Snuggs. “(At first) I had hoped this system would help five people per week. I never dreamed we (the community) would be helping five people per day. To think that in just 15 weeks we have already exceeded the goal for our entire first year. It is simply joyous.”

Now, Snuggs is fielding inquiries from other parts of the country submitted by those who want to set up a similar program in their region.

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