David Allender: August 17, 2017


Reading is Key to Academic Success: National Survey from Scholastic Shows Parents Have a Major Role in Helping Kids Find Books They Love 

David Allender

Children’s Book Expert & Scholastic Book Clubs Editorial Director


As kids great ready to go “back to school,” many parents and family members will face the challenge of motivating children to read daily outside of school as homework and extracurricular activities begin to fill up a child’s schedule. Yet, recent research shows daily independent reading can help children develop vocabulary, comprehension skills and stamina – all critical skills for school success. Families need easy, actionable tips and resources to make reading for fun at home a priority.

The latest research from the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report™: 6th Edition (www.scholastic.com/readingreport), a nationally representative survey of 2,718 parents and their children exploring family attitudes and behaviors around reading books for fun, found that although the majority of kids ages 6–17 agree that “it is very important for my future to be a good reader” (86%) and about six in ten kids love or like reading books for fun (58%), only one in three kids are frequent readers (32%).

What can families do? The good news is parents and other family members are the #1 source of encouragement for children to read books for fun.

Children’s book expert and parent David Allender is available to you and your listeners to discuss key findings from the Kids & Family Reading Report and help parents understand their role in influencing their children’s reading habits. David can share upcoming trends in children’s literature, top book picks for all ages, and provide helpful “reading resolutions” for families to adopt during the new school year.


Some of his tips, based on research findings from the Kids & Family Reading Report, will include:

  • Keep books in the home for independent reading time all year. Frequent readers have twice the amount of books in the home in comparison to infrequent readers.
  • Ask your kid’s new teacher at “Back to School Night” for book ideas. The report shows only 29% of parents agree their child has trouble finding books they like, whereas 41% of kids say finding books is a challenge. Educators are a top resource for helping kid’s find the best books to read for fun.
  • Read aloud at home – and keep it going beyond age 8; kids of all ages love being read aloud to and a majority of kids say “it’s a special time together” with parents.
  • Be a reading role model – be sure your child sees YOU reading, volunteer at an upcoming school book fair or ask your school’s teacher if he or she will be sending home Scholastic Book Clubs catalogs this year.
  • Let kid choose the books they want to read for fun at home.  89% of kids say they are more likely to finish a book they choose themselves.



David Allender is the Editorial Director at Scholastic Book Clubs. He oversees the selection of the thousands of books from all publishers featured in Scholastic Book Clubs’ monthly flyers, reaching tens of thousands of classrooms and millions of students nationwide. David has been an editor for 35 years and nothing makes him happier than discovering a great new book that kids will love. To learn more about Scholastic Book Clubs, visit www.scholastic.com/bookclubs.

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