David Brody: July 2, 2012

David Brody, Chief Political Correspondent  for CBN News 7/2/12  Author of the book “The Teavangelicals, The Inside Story of how The Evangelicals and The Tea Party are Taking Back America.”  After being at many Tea Party events, Brody began to realize that evangelicals were very present (about 60%) in the Tea Party.  No doubt, the Tea Party continues to be a force to be reckoned with especially in this upcoming 2012 election.  In Teavangelicals, Brody doesn’t just explore the emergence of the Tea Party as a powerful voting bloc.  He unravels their path to power and their roots as a group where half of the participants call themselves evangelical Christians.  The Teavangelicals focuses on Tea party influence and Mitt Romney’s questionable ability to win them over.

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