December 13, 2019

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House Judiciary Committee Debates Articles of Impeachment, Next Stop Is A House Vote, Looks Like Senate Wants To Make Short Order Of The Impeachment Trial & Why Trump Must Win In 2020

3 Compelling Hours of Experts, and Authors Pursuing The Truth No Matter Where It Leads

9:06-9:28a ET – Horace Cooper – The former constitutional law professor, recognized legal commentator and co-chair of the Project 21 Advisory Board reconciles the Dems Impeachment process with the constitution and who will pay the cost


9:32-9:58a ET – Stephen Strang – In his upcoming book, “God, Trump, and the 2020 Election: Why He Must Win and What’s at Stake for Christians if He Loses” the bestselling author and Founder CEO of Charisma Media makes the case of what we lose…Everything.


10:06-10:29a – John Guandolo – What did we learn from the IG report re: The FBI and the latest shootings involving our military, in Hawaii and Pensacola.  The President and Founder of Understanding The Threat, the only organization in the nation which provides a detailed assessment of the enemy threat in your local area explains

10:32-10:42a ET – Karl Brauer – In-vehicle technology has significantly increased in importance to vehicle shoppers over the last four years. In fact, vehicle tech now ranks ahead of exterior styling when it comes to deciding which car to buy explains the executive publisher for Cox Automotive.

10:46-10:58a ET – Erin Smalley – Program Manager of Marriage Ministries at Focus on the Family asks regarding, “The Cost of Weddings- Where are Your Priorities?”


11:06-11:29a ET – Teisha Powell – The FBI did indeed spy on the Trump Campaign.  The  attorney and author of Trump Must Win explains.  


11:32-11:58a ET – Dr Andy Walsh – The Chief Science Officer and Software Developer for Heath Monitoring says, “Science can help us know God.” Join us as we discuss his new book, Faith Across the Multiverse: Parables from Modern Science.


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