December 19, 2016

Christmas & New Years Changes Historically, Energy Dept Rejects Trump’s Request

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Bruce Kauffmann – How Christmas and New Years Has Historically Changed & Why. Bruce is an awarding-winning syndicated columnist, historian, author and speaker.


Ted Hadzi-Antich – Energy Department rejects Trump’s request for names of employees going to climate meetings.  Antich is the senior attorney in the Center for the American Future.


Dylan Thomas – Hillsong’s – LET HOPE RISE DVD/Blue-Ray Releases Tomorrow Tuesday.  Dylan has been a member of Hillsong UNITED for 11 years.


Amazing Kreskin – The Amazing Kreskin shares what 2017 has in store for us.  Kreskin, is a mentalist who became popular on American TV in the 1970s, appearing over 80 times on Johnny Carson.


Jeff Kemp – Facing Your Blitz/How Mutually Grieving over Lost Sons Becomes Catalyst for Friendship. Jeff quarterbacked in the NFL for eleven years, and joined FamilyLife as a vice president, networking and speaking on how to strengthen families.


Bob Waliszewski – Join us as Bob talks about Rogue One and Collateral Beauty plus a few of his favorite Christmas movies.  Bob is Focus on the Family’s Director of Media and Culture & Plugged In department.

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Joe Parker – Classic Movie Myths.  Parker is an author, radio host, cyber security expert, and the founder of Program Your Life Radio.


Dr Andrew Jacobs – Tricks to Performing Under Pressure at work, at home or on the field.  One of the country’s most respected sport psychologists, Dr. Jacobs works with athletes of all ages, from youth athletes to collegiate, professional and Olympic competitors.

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