December 2, 2016

What Voter Fraud? Muslim BroHood Sympathizer To Head DNC & Life With Lauren

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Megan Barth – Huge Nevada Voter Fraud Uncovered & The Blue Collar Billionaire Strikes.  Barth, is the Founder and Proprietor of, and a nationally recognized political commentator and women’s advocate.


Lauren Kitchens-Steward – The Nat’l Radio personality, Motivational Speaker & College professor presents another episode of Life With Lauren.


Jordan Goodman – With Things Look Better, America Goes Shopping, Also Some Good Ideas for Holiday Spending.  Goodman is “America’s Money Answers Man” and a nationally recognized expert on personal finance.


Nicholas Gutierrez – The death of Castro & Nicks comments on the current state of the Cuban economy and US Cuba relations in the context of a Trump presidency-what to expect.


Coach Collins – The great news keeps coming, Pelosi stays, Preet stays, Carrier stays And Dems sneaky move coming back to bite them – Senate Nuclear option.  Coach holds a Doctoral Degree in Public Administration and is a “Semper Fi Marine” and a retired New York City police officer.


Dr. Pawan Grover – Could New Rule For Doctors Undermine Patient Care?  Dr Grover is an interventional specialist who prides himself on being an advocate for patients.


Bruce Thatcher – What Immigration Will Look Like In A Trump Administration.  Immigration expert explains.


Doug Giles – The Aftermath Of This Election Has Proven That The Millennial Generation Is The Weakest In American History.

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