December 30, 2016

Pres O Levels Russian Sanctions, UN Resolution Unites Congress? + Lauren’s Life

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Megan Barth – Obama Announces Sanctions on Russia for Meddling in US Elections.  Is this going to help or hurt Trump?  Megan is the Founder and Proprietor of, and a nationally recognized political commentator and women’s advocate.


James Antle III – UN resolution finally makes Israel a partisan fight.  Antle is the Washington Examiner’s politics editor.


Lauren Kitchens-Steward – Another fun episode of Life with Lauren.  She’s a national personality, motivational speaker and college professor.


Beth Nimmo – I’M NOT ASHAMED – Story of Columbine Student, Rachel Joy Scott, Headed To Digital and Home Entertainment Release.  Beth is Rachel’s real mom and she gives it to us “real.”


Jeanne Nigro – Did Obama’s decision to abstain delegitimize the state of Israel?  Jeanne is a Radio & TV Host of Facets of the Stone.  She is a regular blog contributor to the Messianic Times, the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, Charisma News, and Christian Leadership Alliance.


David French – How the Obama Administration Facilitated Palestinian Violence.  David is a staff writer at National Review, an attorney (concentrating his practice in constitutional law and the law of armed conflict), and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Mike Cutler – Berlin terror attack and immigration law violations-what America should learn from this newest horrific lesson. And foreign student visas: educating America’s adversaries.  Cutler is one of America’s foremost experts on U.S. law enforcement at a Federal level.


Brantley Millegan – The NON liquefaction of St Januarius blood. Millegan is the Editor-in-Chief of, a Christian culture website in three languages.

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