December 5, 2016

Expert Responds To Trumps Economic Plan, Next VA Sec & Israel and Palestine

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Ed Conard – Responds To Trump’s Economic Plan & Romney For Sec State.  NY Times Best Selling author, noted economist, & founding partner of Bain Capital where he worked closely with Mitt Romney.


Cody McGregor – The Next VA Secretary? The National Outreach Director for Concerned Veterans of America opines.


Dr. Frank Romano – Love And Terror: A Peace Activist Enters A War Zone To Help Stop The Conflict And Bring Peace.  Dr Romano, a lawyer in France and the US, an author, speaker and professor of law, continues to be an advocate for peace in the Middle East.


Joe Woods – Tips To Get Through The Holidays with Your Health Intact.  Woods serves as Vice President of Go 365 for Humana, overseeing HumanaVitality® soon to be Go365™, which is a comprehensive wellness and loyalty solution.


Bob Waliszewski – Family Friendly Movies and Holiday movies we look forward to seeing each year. Waliszewski is Focus on the Family’s Director of Media & Culture, and


Diane Hoffman – Has The Church Become Politically Correct? Hot Issues The Church Won’t Cover. Hoffmann, author of “24 Hot Potatoes in the Church Today,” has been in the Christian ministry since 1981.

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Rich Wessenberg – A Very Stressful Christmas, Resiliency Expert and Top Selling Author of “Treasures of the Believing Heart.”  Social Media Motivator, Corporate Healthcare Trainer and Resiliency Expert.

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