Dovid Efune: April 5, 2022


The New York Sun, one of America’s historic newspapers, relaunched recently as an online daily with national and international coverage and an aim to help restore public trust in the press.


Dovid Efune

Publisher and Chairman of the historic New York Sun newspaper


The New York Sun was founded in 1833 and quickly was heralded as one of the most influential American newspapers. It sold for a penny, making news available for the first time to working men and women in New York. After the Civil War, the Sun grew to become America’s largest newspaper and over the years achieved many accolades including two Pulitzer Prizes. It ceased publication in 1950. It was then revived in print in 2002, and competed with the New York Times. The relaunched New York Sun’s mission is to uphold the finest journalistic traditions and speak out the sentiment of the American people. It’s motto: “It Shines for All.”


About Dovid Efune: Honorary Chairman of The Algemeiner, a New York City newspaper which covers American and international Jewish and Israel-related news. British-born Efune has a Masters in Hebrew Letters and lives in New York City with his wife and family.

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