Dr. Ilan Shapiro: February 18, 2021


Physician Offers Health, Wellness, and Disinfecting Tips to Stop the Spread of Germs in the Home 

Dr. Ilan Shapiro

Board Certified Physician
As cold and flu season converges with the COVID-19 pandemic, many are seeking advice on the best ways to protect themselves and their loved ones. While everyone should be following standard infection prevention protocols such as proper hand washing and social distancing, it’s also important to understand how to best protect one another from the spread of germs, including where and when to disinfect in the home and maintaining healthy habits.
Board-certified physician Dr. Ilan Shapiro is available to share best practices on how to help prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 as well as other common germs that may be lurking in your household.
  • Keep the Home Germ-Free: How to keep the home safer when entering the home after work or essential outings.
  • Where and When to Disinfect: Key differences between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, and when each method should be used.
  • Caring for At-Risk Family Members: Ways to prevent the spread of germs among family members, especially if there’s an at-risk family member in your household.
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Dr. Ilan Shapiro’s passion has always been to convert health information into action, improving the wellbeing of our communities. Born and raised in Mexico City, he had the honor of being the liaison between Mexico and the World Health Organization after finishing Medical School. This was the moment that proved to him that healthcare systems need to be connected with the most important aspect: the community.
As a Pediatric Resident at Mount Sinai Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Dr. Shapiro was determined to make a difference in the community, so he began doing this through Policy and Advocacy. As part of these activities, in the Mexican Consulate, he created a Health Bulletin and a board of physicians to give advice in hardship moments for families. On the international arena, he had the honor to be elected for the first Advisory Board in conjunction with the Mexican Foreign Affairs and Health Ministries, for the program Ventanillas de Salud; a Federal program that devotes its efforts to improve the wellbeing of Mexicans abroad.
In 2018, Dr. Shapiro was elected to be a Board Member of LA Care and has been participating in the National Hispanic Medical Association Boards; building pipelines, services and representation of the Hispanic community.
Following his pediatric and public health passion, he practiced as a pediatrician in Florida, which led him to AltaMed, one of the largest Federally Qualified Health Centers in the US, as the Medical Director of Medical Education and Wellness with a great dynamic team serving over 300,000 patients.
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