Dr Josh Umbehr – Why Wait for Repeal & Replace?

Why Are You Waiting for Congress to Repeal & Replace Obamacare?

Dr Josh Umbehr

When the Democrats controlled congress and the White House they gave us The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.  Which has proven for most Americans to be neither affordable or caring.
Fact is millions of Americans have given up on Congress and have repealed and replaced Oamacare on their own with a breakthrough concierge medical service, or as some would call a Direct Pay model.  Who wouldn’t want true healthcare for around $50 a month, with no deduction and as many visits or doctor contacts as needed?  Plus prescriptions at about ten cents on the dollar.  And those x-rays, mamograms and the like are also discounted.
It’s win-win.  As a patient, your healthcare is where it always needs to be, between you and your doctor.  For your doctor, there’s no bureaucrat or insurance company to navigate through.  It’s just the doctor and you.  What a beautiful concept.
The doctor doesn’t have to waste valuable resources personnel and time to process loads of insurance paperwork, only to wait 3-4 months to be paid generally. Direct pay frees up your doc to really focus on you and healthcare delivery, the way it has always meant to be.
So why are we waiting on the government, when we are the government and we can Repeal and Replace Obamacare ourselves.  My recommendation is that you find out more about a Concierge or Direct Pay model to answer your healthcare needs.  The links below will connect you with answers to your questions.
Be in good health my friends.

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