Dr. Kevin Strom: September 29, 2016

Better Policing Data Can Make Cities Safer 

Groundbreaking projects help law enforcement agencies better serve their communities


Kevin J. Strom, PhD

Director of the Policing Research Program at RTI International

Law enforcement agencies in the United States are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities while in a climate of intense scrutiny. Two projects, currently in the works, can help agencies at local, state and national levels better serve their communities.

The first project is the National Crime Statistics Exchange (NCS-X). This project will lead 400 law enforcement agencies, including all the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies, to update their system of recording and reporting crimes to an incident-based reporting system. This will create greater transparency among agencies, enable more detailed and standardized analysis of crime patterns and trends across agencies, and allow agencies to apply what’s working in other communities to their own.

The second project analyzes police calls-for-service, which include citizen calls to 911. RTI International, one of the world’s leading research institutes, has developed an open source software tool, CFS Analytics™ that all law enforcement agencies can use to analyze their 911 calls and make informed decisions based on the nature and volume of the calls. Further, agencies can use the tool to improve responses to particular community problems and resource allocation decisions in order to respond to critical situations more strategically.

Dr. Kevin Strom, Director of the Policing Research Program at RTI International is available on Thursday, September 29 to talk to your listeners about the new projects in policing and how they can help local agencies and residents.

More About Kevin Strom:

Kevin J. Strom, PhD, is an expert in law enforcement responses to community violence and the impact of forensic science on the criminal justice system. He has led numerous law enforcement–related studies for the Department of Justice, including projects that expand incident-based reporting across U.S. law enforcement agencies and develop more strategic applications to 911 calls for service data. Dr. Strom serves on the research advisory committees for both the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF).


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