Dr. Srinivasa Raja: September 26, 2018

Scientific Experts to Talk About Pain and the Opioid Crisis


Srinivasa Raja, M.D.

Director of Research, Division of Pain Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


More than 25 million Americans suffer from daily chronic pain. New treatment options for pain are needed to reduce the number of people exposed to the risks of opioids. NINDS is the lead NIH institute on pain research, and plans, develops, and implements activities of the NIH Pain Consortium.  NINDS is also a lead institute involved in the NIH HEAL (Helping to End Addiction Long-term) Initiative, an aggressive, trans-agency effort to speed scientific solutions to stem the national opioid public health crisis. NINDS efforts on HEAL will focus on improving our understanding of how chronic pain develops to improve pain care. The NIH HEAL Initiative is also supporting research to accelerate the development and testing of novel non-addictive treatments for pain and on treatments for opioid addiction and overdose.

NIH research efforts to prevent addiction through enhanced pain management include:

  • Identifying and validating new biological targets for treatment of chronic pain and objective biomarkers to predict which individuals will respond to a treatment.
  • Developing new non-addictive pain medicines by studying candidate compounds to explore their effectiveness for treating pain.
  • Building a clinical trials network that will allow multiple new and repurposed compounds to be tested simultaneously for effectiveness.
  • Identifying risk factors that predict who is susceptible or resilient to chronic pain to help guide better treatment practices.


For more information please visit www.nih.gov/heal-initiative


More About Dr. Srinivasa Raja:

Dr. Raja’s clinical interests include management of chronic neuropathic pain states. His research efforts focus on mechanisms of neuropathic pain, the role of opioid and adrenergic receptors in chronic neuropathic pain, predictors of persistent post-surgical pain and the factors involved in the transition from acute to chronic pain after trauma and surgery. Dr. Raja and his collaborators have published more than 175 peer-reviewed articles in journals including Science, Lancet, Neurology, and Brain.


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