Dr Michael Awad: July 9, 2020


Forty Percent of Americans Get Less Than Seven Hours of Sleep a Night; Sleep Expert Provides Tips on How to Sleep Better


Dr. Michael Awad 

Chief of Sleep Surgery, Northwestern Medicine


The COVID-19 Pandemic has quickly brought many changes to everyone’s lives. While we’re all adjusting to a new way of living and trying to maintain a healthy immune system, achieving a good night’s sleep can be difficult. Sleep is crucial for the immune system and for fighting off the virus. During sleep, your brain processes and stores memories. and your body repairs tissues and builds up antibodies to fight infection and inflammation.  The success of these tasks affects your mood and cognitive function. Yet, due to stress, anxiety and changes in our lives, many people aren’t getting adequate sleep.


On July 9th, Dr. Michael Awad, a fellowship trained sleep surgeon and chief of sleep surgery at Northwestern Medicine, will be available to discuss why so many people are having difficulty sleeping right now, why it’s so important for optimal health and tips on how to get adequate sleep.



  • Aim for 8 hours: Most adults function best with at least eight hours of sleep, but 40 percent of Americans get less than the minimum recommended seven.
  • Let the light in: Exposure to natural light during the day keeps melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, aligned with your cycle.
  • Stay away from screens: Television, computer or backlit device screens can suppress melatonin, so avoid devices at night or around bedtime.



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Dr. Michael Awad is a fellowship trained sleep surgeon and chief of sleep surgery at Northwestern Medicine. He’s establishing a state-of-the-art program at Northwestern Medicine, providing surgical options for patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Awad is also an active researcher and scientist, studying upper airway stimulation for obstructive sleep apnea.


Interview Provided by: Northwestern Medical Hospital


  1. David Harel says

    Excellent tips Dr. Awad, thank you for providing such clear and concise ways of improving sleep during these stressful and anxious times!

  2. Thank you bill and dr awad this is what I needed to hear I can’t sleep at all since we started this pandemic in march

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